It's more than just the name of this webpage. Home is what you'll feel when you meet with the precious people of Harlandale Christian Church. Together we're learning more about Jesus Christ and how He helps us to live like God has always indended for us to live. Because of our love of Jesus and our love for each other we've become a close-knit family of supportive believers. We help each other and have fun together and worship God together. We laugh and cry and work and play and truly enjoy each other like the family that we are.

If that's the sort of family you'd like to experience, why don't you participate in one of our friendly gatherings? Right away you'll notice that we're not so big that you get lost in a crowd, but not so small that you feel like you're intruding. We're not flashy or fancy or overly formal, but we strive to do our best with the talents and resources that God has given us. Together we worship and serve God our Father with the love and strength and power He has given us through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Won't you come by and experience our family? We'll be glad to see you and to welcome you home to Harlandale Christian Church. It's where you belong.