Our Gatherings

Weekly Gatherings (click each title for more information)


9:00 a.m. Morning Coffee

Join our early-risers in the church fellowship hall (the tall building facing W White Ave) for a cup of coffee or a glass of juice and some pleasant conversation. Enjoy free donuts, tamales and breakfast tacos (while they last!) before participating in our morning Bible study classes.

9:30 a.m. Bible Study for All Ages

The very best way to know God better is to study what He has said about Himself in the Holy Scriptures. We have various age-appropriate children's classes that include interesting activities and interactive discussions to help our children learn the meaning of specific Bible passages and how to apply these Scriptures to their daily lives.

Our two adult Bible study classes (one conducted in English and the other in Spanish) follow the International Sunday School Lessons/Uniform Series Bible study plan in order to cover at least one lesson from each of the sixty-six books of the Bible within a six-year period. While that may sound like a long time to study through the Bible, consider this: The Bible contains over 30,000 verses of Scripture. That means to cover the entire Bible in just six years would mean a study of over 100 verses of Scripture every week. Our lessons typically focus on only 10-20 verses each week, so even in six years we won't cover the Bible in its entirety. But such study does provide a solid overview of the Bible and introduce the key concepts necessary for developing a loving relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

Classes meet in various rooms and buildings throughout the campus: ask any of our friendly members to guide you to the right place.

10:30 a.m. Worship Service

The word "worship" comes from an ancient English word that means “to recognize value or worth.” That's exactly what we strive to do in our morning worship service—recognize and appreciate God's unsurpassed value and limitless worth. He is our wonderfully loving and awesomely powerful God, and we tell Him so through the songs we sing, the prayers we pray, the offerings we give and Scriptures we study. Central to our time of worship is the weekly observance of the Lord’s Supper, a sacred symbol of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice that makes possible our relationship with God and empowers us to live like God intends for us to live. (The Lord’s Supper, or Communion as it is also called, is open to all professed believers in Jesus Christ.)

Our Sunday morning worship service tends toward a “traditional” style of expression, but we’re not stuffy or overly formal either. We meet in our main church building with its high peaked ceiling and traditional wooden pews (padded for your comfort). (You can see a few interior pictures in the slide show on the home page.) We use instruments (piano and recorded music) to guide us in our singing; lyrics are almost always projected on a large video screen. Every person present has opportunity to voice their praises and express their concerns, if they so choose, during our time of community prayer.

Our worship service also includes a sermon, during which the preacher presents a Bible lesson and life application based on the same verses of Scripture covered by the adult Bible study classes earlier in the morning (see above section “Bible Study for All Ages”). At the end of every morning service we give people opportunity to respond publicly to God’s call on their life in what’s called an “invitation.” Plan on investing about an hour and a half for the morning worship assembly as you join with Christians who love Jesus and relish this special opportunity for mutual encouragement and God-honoring worship.

Prior to the sermon we dismiss children ages three to thirteen for their own specially-designed “Children’s Church” held in one of our classrooms. The kids then enjoy special activities, sing songs about God and learn their own Bible lessons. They even get a small, healthy snack!

How you dress for this or any of our gatherings is up to you (but cleanliness and modesty are appropriate and appreciated!). You’ll see an occasional suit and some smart dresses; a few dress shirts and business skirts and blouses, a smattering of ties, a lady’s hat or two; but most of those who assemble for our morning worship service do so in comfortable casual clothes.


6:00 p.m. Adult Bible Study and Prayer Meeting

At Harlandale Christian Church we take Bible study seriously. We know that the only sure way to know God better and how best to relate to Him is through study, meditation and application of His Word as recorded in Scripture. That’s why several adults meet every Wednesday evening in the church fellowship hall (the tall building facing W White Ave) at 6:00 p.m. for an on-going in-depth study at a particular book of the Bible.

We begin our time together praying through a Psalm and with concerted prayer for the needs of our nation, our community, our families and loved ones. We then dig into Scripture to learn what God wants us to know from the Scripture verses under consideration that week (often an entire chapter of the Bible book under study) and how best to apply it to our lives.

Monthly Gatherings (click each title for more information)

Prayer Meeting for the HISD—1st Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.

Because children are so important to the future of our community and because the Harlandale Independent School District has such an important impact on the lives of children, once a month we meet to pray for the entire school district. On the first Wednesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. (in lieu of our regular prayer meeting and Bible study) we pray specifically for the school board, administration, faculty, staff, parents, guardians, and of course students of the HISD. We pray by name for each board member, school and school principal and for any specific requests they may have communicated in reply to emails sent to them in advance of the prayer meeting.

Men's Fellowship Breakfast—2nd and 4th Saturday at 8:00 a.m.

Men of all ages meet on the second and fourth Saturday of every month for breakfast in our church fellowship hall (the tall building facing W White Ave). At each gathering a designated presenter shares a short devotional message from a passage of Scripture, which the men then discuss while enjoying their meal together. They close each session with a time of prayer.

Dorcas Women’s Group—2nd Saturday at 9:15 a.m.

The Dorcas Women’s Group meets the second Saturday of every month in order to foster deeper relationships within the church; relationships with God and with each other. They begin with breakfast at 9:15 a.m. at a local restaurant (currently the Bill Miller Bar-BQ on the corner Pleasanton Ave and Southcross Blvd). After the meal they travel to the church fellowship hall (the tall building facing W White Ave). Once the group has reassembled, the ladies pray together and participate in a Bible study oriented specifically for women. The business meeting then ensues when  members discuss and plan upcoming events and service projects. Periodically the Dorcas Women’s Group meets with women from other churches around the city for the Area Ladies’ Meeting in lieu of their regularly-scheduled gathering. Dorcas Women’s Group is open to all women of all ages.

Board Meeting—2nd Saturday at 9:15 a.m.

The leadership of Harlandale Christian Church meets the second Saturday of every month to pray for wisdom and guidance to lead the church effectively according to God’s plan and purpose. They discuss, plan and implement policy to help move the church forward according biblically sound practices with fiscally responsible stewardship of the resources God has placed under their purview.