Week of 05-05-2013


  • Praise God for recent rains
  • Isaac Yelkin—sonogram revealed that the hole in the heart of this seven-month-old cousin of the Galle family has gotten smaller, so no surgery this month. Please continue to pray for healing and that surgery will not be necessary (Velma Galle)


  • Leroy Cotton—in hospital in Louisiana with possible blood clot (Betty Cotton’s son)
  • Darlene Lightell of Loop Auto Repair—lung cancer (longtime friend of Royce & Linda Hudgens)
  • Maria Esther Costilla—pray that that job tensions ease and that her supervisor be more flexible in giving time off to take care of her father and for Sunday worship; pray also for strength that she not be so tired (Vanessa Costilla)
  • Vanessa Costilla seeks prayer for God to empower her to work hard in school so that she can attend the university she has chosen; pray also that through the schoolwork she keeps proper priorities, "that I will not get away from God."
  • Ronald Henderson and family—pray that Ronald and family will overcome the trials in their lives and become a closer family, and pray that Ronald will be able to be a better thinker, listener and doer and forgive his brother and that their relationship will be restored (Prayer Line)
  • Janet Neuner fell and broke arm and shoulder; pray for healing and pain relief. Surgery is not possible because of heart condition (Carolyn Moon's neighbor)