Week of 08-28-16


  • Rose Cano is thankful for her grandson Nathan Andrew Rodriguez celebrating his fourteenth birthday


  • Dalia Peralta asks prayers of healing and comfort for her one-year-old granddaughter Zariah who was seriously burned on her face and chest
  • Pray for Gene Sibrian to have a speedy recovery after his recent surgery (Mike Sibrian's father)
  • Martha Castillo asks prayer that she speak only the truth and not be emotional as she files a formal grievance over bullying in an overly stressful working environment; pray that she will "let God fight this battle", and for her high blood pressure (caused by this situation) to stabilize; pray also for her daughter to have good results from her medical test
  • Maria Moreno seeks prayers of healing for her coworker Regina Garcia and her friend Martha Padget
  • Rosa Santellana asks prayer for her cousin Rosa in a nursing home; prayer for Rosa's family
  • Abby Knox asks prayers of healing for her Grandma Rangel
  • Bobby Quintana seeks prayers of comfort for his mother Elvira Quintana during her illness; pray God's grace and peace upon her and the entire family "during this difficult time"
  • Jennifer Rodriguez asks prayer for Mr. Berkfield to recover from his stroke; prayer for her children as they go to a new school