Week of 10-23-16


  • Rose Cano gives God praise for Alicia Rios and Laura and for their love and friendship and for their beautiful help and concern; "May you be blessed always"


  • America Mascarro seeks prayer for her father, Ruben Hernandez, who burned his leg, and for 98-year-old friend Annie Williamson, who has been diagnosed with cancer
  • Beverly Jordan asks prayers of peace and comfort for her friend Yolanda, who is frightened about the possible results from upcoming medical tests
  • Maria Moreno seeks prayers of healing for coworker Nancy Gonzales and unspecified prayer for coworker Roger Dominguez
  • Velma Galle's friend Lucy Valdez just learned that she has cancer; pray for peace and healing
  • Elida Cano (Rose Cano's mother) is back in the hospital; pray that her lungs will clear of fluids and that she will heal from her breathing problems