Week of 02-12-17


  • Alicia Rios gives God praise for her grandson's 15th birthday; praise for her son Joe Rios, Jr.'s, 46th birthday, and asks prayers for God to continue blessing his life and that one day he will be saved in Christ
  • "Thank you for Greg" (anonymous)


  • Joe and Judy Torres asks prayer for Lisa's healing
  • Pray that "all the men and young men in our church...will stand up for the Lord;" and for wives "to support and lift up their spouse" (anonymous)
  • Prayer for Roland to pass his test and get a job in San Antonio (Rosa Santellana)
  • Website Prayer Request—Pray that the Lord will deliver His people from evil and violent people; pray that God's will be done in the lives of our world leaders, and that they seek God and listen to Him; pray for the salvation of our national leaders through their faith in Jesus Christ alone, and pray that they would seek godly council and be filled with power to seek justice and to lead our nation in confessing our sins and turning from our wicked ways; pray that the Lord will forgive our country and heal our land, that we may live peaceful, quite, fearless lives in all godliness and holiness; pray that God would pour out His Spirit on His servants throughout the world (Angela Hughes)