Week of 02-19-17


  • Kathryn West is thankful for all the prayers offered on behalf of her cousin Walter Arms, Jr., who went missing February 5 but has since been located; pray for him and his family as they work through the difficulties that prompted him not wanting to be found


  • Beverly Jordan asks prayers for Gabrielle, a young girl recently diagnosed with blood cancer; prayer for Joel, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer
  • Guillermina Esparza asks prayers for healing and recuperation for her 3-year-old granddaughter Heidi after having been hospitalized for an illness
  • Raymundo Marroquin—pray for healing; he has not been feeling well lately (Valerie Marroquin)
  • Marina Villagran—pray for healing from liver cancer (Barbara Knox)
  • Rose Santellana asks prays for her consolation after the death of her puppy; blessings for Bennie's business; prayer for Roland
  • Joe and Judy Torres ask prayers for health, protection guidance, safety and peace for their friends and extended family
  • Alicia Rios—healing from a tooth infection and relief from side effects caused by antibiotics prescribed to treat that infection