Week of 03-05-17


  • Rosa Santellana gives praise for her granddaughter Vivienne, who will turn one year old on March 17; she is also thankful that God kept Roland safe when he was involved in a car accident
  • Albert Rosas offers thanksgiving for all of God's blessings


  • Albert Rosas asks continued prayer for all of us in our health; safety in our homes and as we drive; wisdom in all we say and do; perseverance to carry on; protection, feeding, care and well-being for all the dogs and cats; blessings for the poor, sick and mentally ill;  healing for Goggle and Leo from their sickness and coughing; blessings for America; safety for Michael as he drives; blessings and protection for Matthew; unspecified prayer for Michael, Andrea, Elena, Andrea, Jesse Gomez, Olga Garza, Eli, Joe A. Rosas, David P. Carter and family and the Morrill family
  • Rose Santellana asks continued prayers of blessing and safety for her family and herself; for Roland to pass his test on March 10; unspecified prayer for our nation and the world, and for Judy, Albert, Gloria and their families