Week of 06-11-17


  • Velma Galle and Lloyd Miller are thankful for safety in travel and "a wonderful time on vacation"
  • Rose Moreno-Cano is thankful that God granted enough improvement for her mother, Elida Cano, to come home after a three-day hospital stay with stage 3 renal failure and congestive heart failure; pray for healing. Rose is also grateful for the "amazing job" that her niece Elisal Escobar has done in taking care of Rose's mother; pray for strength, blessings and health that Elisal "may continue to be a blessing to Mom and family"
  • Rose Santellana offers thanksgiving for her family, that Albert is doing better, and for Alyssa having a baby
  • Maria Moreno is thankful for God's help last week through the difficulties caused when her apartment complex got flooded and was without power for a few days


  • Rose Santellana asks prayers of healing for Eusebio Santellana; prayers for our nation that justice and truth will prevail; understanding for Gloria
  • Maria Moreno seeks prayers of healing for her sister Virginia Perez; prayer for coworker Donald Farr who is having trouble in his marriage and is contemplating divorce
  • Jenifer Rodriguez asks prayer for Gloria's father, whose cancer has returned
  • Martha Castillo ask prayers for a counselor's mother (from her work) who had heart failure; continued prayer for her sister Maggie's health; and blessings of health for Mrs. Ortega
  • Nancy Poore—recovery from gallbladder surgery and relief from pain (Carolyn Moon's niece)
  • Luis Rios—healing from stroke and bleeding from his brain and lungs (Alicia Rios' brother-in-law)
  • Beverly Jordan asks prayers of healing for her friend's grandson Adrian who has been hospitalized for several days with high fever and low white blood count
  • Albert Rosas asks continued prayer for his extended family and friends; prayers for our safety, guidance and wisdom that "we all come to the Lord and humble ourselves to Him," blessings for our homes, bodies, and minds and refreshing for our spirits; prayer that we seek the Lord, love Him and know that He loves us and is with us