Week of 09-03-17


  • Rose Santellana is thankful for Jason Galvan's help


  • Alicia Rios asks continued prayer for all the people affected by hurricane Harvey
  • Rose Santellana seeks prayer for Aurora and Tony to find a house; blessings for all her children; unspecified prayer for Julian, Gloria, and Amanda Garcia
  • Beverly Jordan asks prayer for Adrian, who is not feeling well
  • Albert Rosas asks continued prayers for God's blessings and His presence in the lives of Albert's extended family and friends, including Michael, Andrea, Elena, Andrea & Jesse Gomez, Richard, Gloria, Maria Ledesma & family, Goggle, Leo, P.J., David P. Carter & family, and Jacob & family; safety for Michael as he drives; blessings for our homes; help for the Finck Co. employees; safety, health and protection for pets and animals; blessings for our armed forces; help for Leo and Goggle with their coughs; help for us to find peace; justice against evil