Week of 10-01-17


  • Rose Santellana offers a prayer of thanksgiving for her family
  • Rose Moreno-Cano is thankful for all the prayers offered for her mother, Elida Cano; overall she is "doing better and feeling great"  although she "still has her bad days"; Rose is also thankful for her niece Elisa Escobar, who just celebrated her birthday and who has shown "unconditional love for Mom and the Cano Family. Blessings for her always!"


  • Alicia Rios asks continued prayer for all those affected by the hurricanes, especially those from Puerto Rico
  • Beverly Jordan asks prayer for Yolanda Parker's mother, who is not feeling well
  • Joe and Judy Torres ask continued prayer for protection, health, safety and guidance for their extended family including Lisa, Michael, Elizabeth, Joe, John, Jennifer, Joseph, their eleven grandchildren; also prayer for Rick's health and David's safety
  • Alberto Rosas asks prayer for health, safety, wisdom, and grace for Michael, Andrea, Elena, Jesse, Joe, Diana, Richard, Olga, and his entire extended family, David and his family, the employees of Fink Co, "the world" and "all who are sick"; for his pets Goggle, Leo and P.J. "and all the animals of the world" for their safety, care and well-being; prayers for our cars to keep running and safety while driving; blessings for our armed forces and our government
  • Rose Santellana asks continued prayer for Albert, Gloria and Andrea; for Anna Peralta who will be undergoing surgery to remove cancer; for Tony Gutierrez "on work on his house and car"
  • Jennifer Rodriguez seeks prayer for the peace and prosperity of her family and friends; healing for Jesus Cerna, who has been hospitalized