Week of 11-12-17


  • Give God praise for the safety in travel to and from the South Central Texas Women's Retreat, the wonderful time together and the great message given (Velma Galle)
  • Jennifer Rodriguez gives thanks to the Lord for Joseph Torres; may the Lord continue to be with him and his family
  • Judy Torres is thankful for Joe's new job position and asks prayers for wisdom for him to learn everything he needs to


  • Jennifer Rodriguez asks prayer for her father, prayer that the Lord be with Gloria, and for Mr. Gambia, who is battling terminal cancer
  • Rosa Santellana seeks prayer for Dalia and Robert Peralta, for Anita DeLeon's husband, and for Bennie and family
  • Continued prayers of comfort for the those who are suffering from the tragedy in Southerland Springs and for their strenght and restoration (Alicia Rios)
  • Alberto Rosa asks continued prayers of safety, health, wisdom, and blessing for his extended family, friends and neighbors ; protection and provision for pets and all animals; patience and love in people's hearts; protection for our church; protection for our service members