Week of 12-03-17


  • Shannon House—recovery and quick healing from tonsillectomy (adult friend of Velma Galle)
  • Rosa Santellana asks prayer for Robert to get better; unspecified prayer for Javier Gutierrez and Miguel; prayer for our nation to be ruled by truth, integrity and righteousness through our Lord
  • Alberto Rosas seeks continued prayer for his extended family and friends including Michael, Andrea, Elena, Gloria and her daughter, Joe A. Rosas, Richard Rosas, Diana Rosas, Olga Garza, Andrea & Jesse Gomez, Maria Ledesma, Lalo R., David P. Carter & family, his sisters and their families; prayer also for the world, our government, Fink employees, his pets and all the animals of the world that the Lord would feed, protect and keep them safe from various threats; health, wisdom and safety in all that we say and do; protection for Michael as he drives and for blessings of a long life, happiness, wisdom and relief from his allergies; blessings for our troops and their families; blessings for the sick, the young, the mentally ill, the lonely and the homeless; blessings for our nation


  • Pray God's comfort for the the family of Mr. Steven's father-in-law, who passed away Wednesday, Nov 27 (Beverly Jordan)
  • Pray that God will grant peace and comfort for the Tanner family as the mourn the passing of Mrs. Beverly Tanner (Rose Moreno-Cano's landlord)