Week of 12-17-12


  • Lloyd Miller is thankful for all the men and women serving abroad and here at home in order to defend our country's freedoms; pray for their safety, and pray God's comfort for those whose duties separate them from their families during the holidays


  • Martha Castillo seeks prayer for her children to return to the Lord and make good decisions
  • Alicia Rios asks prayers of healing and recovery for her niece Stephanie Toscano who recently underwent surgery to remove a cyst from her spleen; pray for an end to the wildfires in California and help for the people suffering because of it
  • Rosa Santellana asks prayers of healing for Robert; safety for Robert, Jr. and family; for Marlene to recover her stolen car; peace, love and safety for Gloria; hope Albert and family; prayer for our nation's leaders to make right decisions for our well-being and children's future; prayer for her children to find the Lord
  • Elizabeth Lujan seeks prayer for her family to be at peace; unspecified prayer for Marcus
  • Albert Rosas asks continued prayer for his extended family, friends, neighbors and pets; blessings for our troops and government; "peace on earth"; wisdom for all who are preaching the Lord's truth
  • Jennifer Rodriguez asks prayer for her mother, Julia Torres, that God give wisdom to the doctors to find out what is causing her pain and for God's healing, strength and comforting presence
  • Leandra West—healing and recovery from surgery to remove a tumor (Kathryn West's sister-in-law)


  • May God comfort and console the family and friends of Betty Halstead, who peacefully passed away in her sleep on December 20 (Mary Esther DeGeal)