Week of 02-04-18


  • Maria Moreno is thankful that coworker Gregory Duran is recovering from his illness, gaining weight and has been able to return to work


  • Rose Moreno-Cano asks prayer for her nephew Ernesto, Jr., who is facing imminent renal failure; he will be on dialysis until he receives a kidney transplant (siblings are being tested for a possible match)
  • Rose Santellana seeks prayers of healing for Debbie to overcome cancer; healing for Juan; for Albert to find an affordable truck; for Aurora to see her son; for the city to take care of animals in the street; unspecified prayer for Robert and for our nation and its people
  • Anna Lujan asks prayer for the entire Lujan family
  • Joe and Judy Torres seek continued prayer for their extended family
  • Albert Rosas seeks continued prayer for his extended family, friends, neighbors, pets and animals; prayer that "all of us" learn from the Lord and "see with the light of righteousness"
  • Guillermina Esparza asks prayer for her daughter-in-law Sheila Esparza
  • Maria Moreno asks prayers for coworker Ernesto Ramos to recover from a stroke; prayer for her brother Joe Reza who has "fallen off the wagon"