Week of 02-11-18


  • Alicia Rios gives thanks to the Lord for blessing her son Joe (47) and grandson Nathaniel (16) with another year of life


  • Michael Sibrian asks that we continue to pray for his ailing father, Higinio Sibrian, who is under hospice care at San Jose nursing home
  • Website prayer request from Cindy that we pray for Raimu  (an atheistic 19-year-old girl ) to be saved; for Cindy's son Reagan to come back to God; for Ben to find work; for Cindy's brother David—"spiritually, emotionally and mentally"; for Cindy to get good preschool clients and for "God to stop those trying to sabotage it", for her to grow spiritually, for her cosmetic line to be an effective "witnessing venture", and that she does well with races that she will soon be running
  • Delores Garcia seeks prayer for her granddaughter Bella Canto to recover from the flu
  • Albert Rios asks prayer that the Lord would bless him with a truck, and for him to grow in God's love and wisdom; continuing prayer for his extended family, including Michael, Andrea, Elena, Joe A., Richard, Diana, Olga Garza, Andrea Elizando, Andrea & Jesse Gomez; all his sisters and their families, David P. Carter & family; the Morrills and the employees at the Fink Co; blessings for our homes; health, safety, wisdom in all that we say and do; protection, care and feeding for pets and all animals; blessings for Matthew and all others who serve and protect our country; blessings for the young, sick, mentally ill, hungry and dying; "peace on earth"
  • Anna Lujan asks continued prayer for God's blessings for her family