Week of 03-04-18


  • Alicia Rios surgery went well; pray for recovery and pain relief


  • Joe and Judy Torres ask prayer for Eddie Maldonado, who is being tested for bone cancer; healing for Christian; health, safety, protection, wisdom and guidance for their extended family
  • Karin Garcia requests prayer that her brother would be able to get his permit renewal without delays; prayer for a permanent solution for those adversely affected by the potential lapse of DACA: prayer that God would grant her friend success in his new business ventures so that his family can find financial stability (website request)
  • Ms. Marie Grace gives praise to God for His power, protection, mercy and grace, and asks prayer "for the strength and protection needed to continue to stand" and "for the release of my daughter Raewyn, son Dean and myself" (website request)
  • Jane DeGeal—pray for stabilized blood sugar levels and for a rapid and smooth transition for her and her husband, Bill, as they move into an assisted living facility


  • Pray God's comfort for all who grieve the passing of Hijinio Sibrian (Michael Sibrian's father)