Week of 03-25-18

Note that last week's prayer concerns have been incorporated into those from this week.


  • The DeGeal family gives God praise for the guidance and strength that He has given to make arrangements for Bill and Jane to move into an assisted living facility; please continue to pray for Bill as he adjusts to living in their new apartment and for Jane as she gains strength in rehab that she may, too, soon move into the new apartment; pray also for Greg and Mary Esther, Jeff and Karen as they continue to work through all the details of this transition


  • Beverly Jordan asks prayer for Anna Spencer as she recovers from surgery, and for David Ebbers, whose cancer has returned after a seven-year remission
  • Valerie Marroquin seeks prayer for her four-year-old cousin Vincent Escobar, who fractured his arm
  • Maria Moreno seeks prayer for her son Antoine to find a job; salvation for her sister Silvia; prayers for her work at the Lighthouse for the Blind; prayer for our nation
  • Rose Santellana asks prayer for Albert to have peace and understanding; for her children to know God's power and God's Word; jobs for Havier and Tony; safety for Becca; healing for Debbie, who has cancer; unspecified prayer for Gloria and for our nation
  • Albert Rosas seeks ongoing prayers for wisdom, guidance, safety and protection for his extended family; protection and provision for pets and animals; peace and blessings for our nation; healing for Leo from bad cough; safety for Michael as he drives; grace, peace and righteousness in our thoughts and actions


  • Pray God's peace and comfort for Sarah Lopez, whose daughter Bernice passed away from cancer (Barbara Knox's neighbor)
  • Pray for strength and comfort for Augustine Ortega, Jr. (Diana Portillo's brother) and his wife, Alicia, on the passing her mother, Sharon Weber
  • Pray for peace and comfort for the family of Christopher Portillo, who passed away in Honduras (Juan Portillo's nephew)