Week of 04-15-18


  • Praise God that surgeons successfully removed the tumor from Phillip Walton's jaw; pray for healing
  • Rose Moreno-Cano is thankful for the "amazing time" she spent with her great-grandson Calvin Emmanuel
  • Alicia Rios gives thanks to the Lord that she is healing well from her surgery


  • Rose Moreno-Cano asks prayers of healing and strength for her mother, Elida Cano, who had another fall, but thankfully broke nothing (though she is very sore)
  • Rose Santellana asks prayer for Debbie Wilson, who will have surgery to remove cancer; for son-in-law Benny that his project works; and unspecified prayer for her family
  • Prayer-line request for the restoration of a man's life and the life of his wife
  • Albert Rosas asks continued prayer for his extended family, friends, neighbors, pets, our troops, "peace on earth", and for him to get a truck that is in good working order