Week of 04-22-18


  • Rose Santellana is thankful that Javier got a job; thank God also that both she and Robert are "doing a lot better"


  • Rose Santellana seeks prayer for her children to come to the Lord; safety for Gloria; resolution of Mrs. Lilly's family problems; prayer for Albert and family; healing for Joe Castillo, who had two strokes; healing for Debbie Wilson
  • Yolanda Martinez seeks prayer for healing for grandsons Vincent with a fractured elbow and Isaiah with a fracture ankle; healing for her mother, Janie Marroquin, who will soon have a swallow study
  • Abby Knox asks prayer for her grandmother Teresa Rangel, who because of her diabetes continues to lose eyesight in one of her eyes
  • Barbara Knox asks prayers for safety in travel for her relatives and for a fun, pleasant visit with them
  • Wisdom and guidance for the Harlandale Christian Church leadership
  • Maria Moreno asks prayer for Martha's healing and for faith in the Lord; healing for Ernesto Ramos; for Ernestine to have a closer walk with Jesus; prayer for Maria's son and sister to come to the Lord
  • Joe and Judy Torres ask continued prayers or protection, safety, wisdom, peace, guidance, health and blessings in their various jobs for their extended family and church family
  • Dave Ebbers—pray that white blood count will increase sufficiently to begin chemotherapy (Beverly Jordan)
  • Norma Reader (Olivia Flore's daughter)—pray for a successful surgery and rapid recuperation
  • Kathryn West asks continued prayer for God to comfort those grieving the passing of Barbara Bush and Erin Popovich; healing for her brother, George, who has the flu
  • Alberto Rosas seeks continued prayer for his extended family and friends, including Michael, Andrea, Elena, Maria Ledesma, Lalo, Joe A Rosas, Richard Rosas, Diana Rosas, Olga Garza, Andrea and Jesse Gomez, Andrea Elizando, his sisters and their families; David P. Carter and family; the Morrill Family; Matthew and family; the DeGeal family; the Luper family; our church family; his pets and all the animals and birds; peace, godly wisdom, mental fitness, strength and love in our hearts for all us; safety as we drive; Finck Co. employees; peace on earth and safety from evil; the young, the sick, the hungry and dying; prisoners; police and fire departments