Week of 05-06-18


  • Maria Moreno gives God praise for the recent rain
  • Oralia Marroquin is thankful for everyone's prayers on her behalf
  • Rose Moreno-Cano is grateful to God (and proud!) that her granddaughter Danielle-Marie will be graduating Texas A&M on Friday, May 18; pray for God's blessings, guidance and protection for her
  • Alicia Rios is thankful to Jesus and gives God praise for another year of life as she celebrates her 68th birthday!


  • Amelia Galvan seeks prayer for the medical tests she will be undergoing this week; prayer for her husband, Agapito
  • Albert Rosas seeks continued prayer for his extended family, friends, neighbors and pets; prayer for those who are in need; prayer for our country and for those who serve in the military, police and government
  • Rosalia Maldonado asks prayer for herself; healing for Nora such that an operation won't be necessary; healing for Ana Lujan; prayer for Elizabeth Lujan and family


  • Pray God's mercy for the family of Robert Serna, Jr., as they grieve his passing