Week of 06-08-18


  • Alicia Rios is thankful that there was actually no fire associated with the fire alarm that frightened her children while vacationing at a lake lodge in Dallas
  • Rose Moreno-Cano is thankful for the Lord's love and mercy and for her "summer blessings;" Rose is also thankful for the opportunity to work at HCC for His honor and glory


  • Healing for Janie Marroquin, who fell and bruised herself after getting dizzy; pray for resolution of her dizziness
  • In view of the upcoming anniversary of "D-Day" that began the Allied invasion of Nazi-controlled Europe in WWII, Olivia Flores ask prayer for the men who survived the horrors of the Battle of Normandy and for all those who lost loved ones in that grueling offensive
  • Lloyd Miller asks prayer for Coach Barns as he recovers from recent surgery and strength for his family as they help him in his recovery
  • Joe and Judy Torres seek continued prayer for protection, health, safety, guidance peace and protection their extended family and for the schools and all the students
  • Carolyn Moon asks prayer for her granddaughter Arianna Castro for a quick recovery from surgery to replace her VNS implant
  • Albert Rosas seeks continued prayer for his extended family, friends, neighbors, pets, birds and animals; protection for the young, sick, mentally ill, homeless and those who are dying; guidance and wisdom for our police, firefighters and government workers
  • Pray God's peace and comfort for Denny Leerhoff's father, Merle Leerhoff, who is at the end stages of life after battling with cancer, dementia and rapidly failing kidneys; pray for his family's strength and comfort
  • Beverly Jordan seeks prayer for David Ebbers that his current chemo regimen can be changed from intravenous delivery to drugs that can be taken in pill form
  • Rose Santellana asks prayer that God will grant Becca and Benny success in their project and for them to know the Lord; safety for Gloria; for Robert to come back to the Lord; prayer for herself and her family