Week of 06-10-18


  • Rose Santellana offers an uspecified prayer of thanksgiving
  • Joe and Judy Torres are thankful to the Lord for "letting me complete 20 years at my work"


  • Joe and Judy Torres seek continued prayers of protection, peace, guidance and safety for their extended family
  • Maria Moreno asks continued prayer for Martha and Bill Padgett, whose car was wrecked in a hit-and-run accident; thankfully they were uninjured; pray also for the workers to new job assignments at the Lighthouse for the Blind
  • Delores Grarcia asks prayer that her upcoming echocardiogram will show her current treatment is working satisfactorily and no changes will be necessary
  • Rose Santellan asks prayers for Lulu and Neri, who has cancer, and for prayer for herself for resolution of a personal problem
  • Alicia Rios asks prayers of healing and recovery for her nephew Miguel Tonche after surgery to treat testicular cancer; pray also for her granddaughter Julia Rios and healing from whatever is causing protein to be present in her urine
  • Ana Lujan seeks prayer for Elizabeth and family
  • Pray for Diana Portillo's daughter Lucy and a safe and successful C-section to deliver Lucy's baby; pray for Diana and Selina's safety as they travel to Amarillo
  • Kathryn West asks prayer for her sister-in-law Lea, who is scheduled for surgery this week
  • Beverly Jordan asks that we keep her mother, Louise Clark, in our prayers