Week of 06-17-18


  • Barbara Knox gives God praise that her grandchildren Cassidy, Katelyn and Noah have graduated high school and that their great grandma was able to witness this milestone; pray that God will continue to work in their lives


  • Alicia Rios asks God's blessings on her visit with granddaughter Julia, who will be spending a few days with Alicia
  • Lloyd Miller seeks prayer for his sister-in-law Teresa Miller that her kidney stones do not return
  • Beverly Jordan asks pray for her mother, Louise Clack, that God would grant her strength and healing
  • Albert Rosas seeks continued prayer for health, blessings, wisdom, safety and protection from evil for his extended family, friends, and neighbors, including Michael, Andrea, Elena, Joe A.Rosas, Diana Rosas, Richard Rosas, Olga Garza, Jesse Gomez, Andrea Elizondo, Matthew and family, the Morrill family, Fink Co. employees, David P. Carter and family, and Gloria and family; pray God's provision for all the pets, animals and birds for food, drink, shade and protection from pests and evil; pray for God's justice to be evident in the world today