Week of 07-01-18


  • Diana Portillo gives praise that newborn granddaughter Aria was released to go home from the NICU; pray for healing of a congenital heart perforation. Diana is also thankful for the safety that God granted her and Selena in their travels
  • Give God praise that Sarah Ortega has committed her life to trusting and serving Christ and that her grandfather Augustine had the privilege of baptizing her into Christ on Sunday, July 1, for the remission of sins and to receive the gift of indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit
  • Kathryn West is thankful for the prayers offered on behalf of her sister-in-law Lea as she recovers from surgery; pray for her continued recovery as she rests at home
  • Greg and Mary Esther are thankful for the time they enjoyed together while on vacation


  • Diana Portillo asks continued prayer for daughter Lucia's recovery from C-section
  • Rose Santellana seeks prayers of healing for Jason and his family; healing for Debbie from cancer; safety for Antonia; righteousness for our nation; healing for Melisa who has a tumor; safety in travel for Judy and Becca; a job for Joseph
  • Abby Knox asks prayer that her grandmother Terry Rangel be healed from her sickness
  • Olivia Flores seeks prayer for Norma Reader who will soon have kidney surgery
  • Beverly Jordan asks prayer for Bobby Mack to heal from recent carpal tunnel surgery
  • Alicia Rios seeks continued prayer for nephew Miguel Tonche as he begins chemotherapy after recent cancer surgery
  • Denny Leerhoff seeks continued prayer for his family, especially his mother, as they grieve the passing of Denny's father, Merle
  • Anita seeks continued prayer for her husband, Abel, and her son Abel, Jr., to come to the Lord
  • Albert Rosas seeks continued prayers for health, safety, peace, protection and wisdom  for his extended family, friends and neighbors; God's protection and provision for pets and animals; protection for Matthew and all those who are serving our country; peace and goodwill on earth; prayer for the young, sick, hungry, elderly, mentally ill, and those who are dying