Week of 07-29-18


  • Alicia Rios gives praise to the Lord for all His blessings in her life and in the lives of her children and grandchildren
  • Rose Moreno-Cano is thankful that the issue with her car overheating was simple and inexpensive to fix; "Thank you, Lord, for your love and favor!"


  • Rose Santellana asks prayer for Tony G.; healing and safety for Juan who needs critical surgery; for Robert to feel better to come to church; for baby Pearl who has again been hospitalized with heart problems; blessings for Gloria; safety in travel for Robert and family to see son; prayer for herself for strength and thanksgiving
  • Continue to pray God's healing for Oralia Marroquin, who has an autoimmune deficiency that is affecting her lungs; treatment medications can have dangerous side effects (Ray Marroquin)
  • Joe and Judy Torres ask continued prayer for the protection, health safety, wisdom, guidance and peace for their whole family, prayer for Jasmine and her family, who are going through a very hard time; prayer also for David and family, and Rick and family
  • Albert Rosas asks continued prayers for health, wisdom, peace, safety while driving, protection for our homes and blessings for his extended family, friends, neighbors and pets, including Michael, Andrea, Elena, Maria Ledesma, Alberto Rosas, Diana Rosas, Gloria and family, Olga Garza, Richard Rosas, Andrea Elizondo, Nacho Elizondo, Joe A. Rosas, Andrea & Jesse Gomez; his sisters and their families; Lala Rabasa and family; Fink Co. employees; Morrill family; David P. Carter and family; Matthew and family; the young, old, sick, mentally ill and those who are dying; Goggle; Leo; blessings and protection for all the animals