Week of 01-27-19


  • Stephen Jordan is thankful for God's blessings of a new year and is grateful for the ease and speed that he was able to purchase a vehicle when his malfunctioning van was too costly to repair
  • Joe and Judy Torres are grateful that Joe is recovering well from a heart attack and are thankful for all the prayers offered on is behalf
  • Alicia Rios is thankful that all the test came back negative for cancer for her nephew Miguel Tonche; Miguel's family give thanks for all the prayers the church offered


  • Rose Santellana seeks prayer for Robert's truck to be fixed; healing for Robert, Stephanie and Amalia; good jobs for her daughter and Benny; unspecified prayer our nation and for Dalia and family
  • Joe and Judy Torres seek  continued prayers for health, protection, safety, wisdom, guidance and peace for their extended family and friends
  • Albert Rosas seeks continued prayer for his family, friends, neighbors, and pets; blessings and protections for our homes; safety for Michael as he drives; blessings for Matthew as he serves our country; blessings for the sick, the dying, the young and the mentally ill; peace on earth; blessings for our troops, leaders and Finck Co. employees