Week of 02-17-19


  • Maria Moreno gives God praise for protecting her when she fell down stairs and received only minor scratches and bruises
  • Rose Santellana is thankful that Benny got a job and that Robert is doing better


  • Rose Santellana asks prayer that the church never be divided like our nation has become, but rather "come together as one for the blessing for God;" prayer for our congregation to be open to God's leading; prayer for Albert
  • Jennifer Rodriguez asks prayer for the Lord's presence to comfort and strengthen Cindy Rubiano and family and that Cindy's upcoming surgery to remove a brain tumor will go well
  • Joe and Judy Torres ask continued prayers for the health, protection, safety, guidance and wisdom for their extended family; prayer for Joe to be OK going back to work
  • Gia seeks unspecified prayer for Garrett
  • Rose Moreno-Cano asks prayer for strength and healing for her mother after having fallen; prayer that all goes well with the construction work on Rose's house and that the repairs will be completed quickly
  • Jesus Rosas asks prayer that the Lord examine us, forgive us and bless us; blessings for the  homes, health, peace, love  and godly wisdom for his extended family