Week of 10-27-13


  • Barbara Knox gives praise for the safe trip God granted the Harlandale HS band (including granddaughters Megan and Cassidy) to their competition in Corpus Christi.
  • Joe Rios—lung biopsy surgery went well. Joe is at home recuperating. Please pray for accurate diagnosis and for healing


  • Nacho Lara—may require dialysis because diabetes has affected kidneys; pray for healing (Olivia Flores)
  • Adrian Howard—troubled teen in foster care system; pray for stable, loving home and for Adrian's emotional and spiritual development ("Cookie" Ward)
  • Yateetze Ramirez—pray that her parents will listen to her and pay attention to her (schoolmate of London Mascorro)
  • Andrew Mobbs—home from prison; pray for a positive start to this new phase in life (Irene Mobbs)
  • Mr. Wilson—"has lost his only child" (Vatican Mascorro)
  • Isaac Cubillos seeks prayer for God to help him and his family "get out of this bad time we are in," and that they make good decisions and have a positive attitude
  • Pray for safety in travel and for spiritual renewal for all ladies participating in the South Central Texas Women's Retreat this weekend (Nov 1-2, Velma Galle)